T.E.T.R.I.S. (Tangential Experiences Through Redefined Interactive Spaces) Non Architecture Social Distancing Housing Block Design Competition Summer 2020 Partner: Jacob Smiley By redefining the housing typology through the articulation of shared edge conditions between units, the T.E.T.R.I.S. Housing Block aims to create an environment wherein residents can safely interact with one another in the face of… Continue reading TETRIS


ComPOST Volume Zero "Little Big Loo" Design Competition Summer 2020 Tibra, Uttar Pradesh, India Partner: Jacob Smiley   Open defecation is an issue that continues to profoundly affect India, while other countries of comparable economic standing have shifted towards more ecologically and socially acceptable standards. This project proposes an overhaul of village sanitation infrastructure to… Continue reading ComPOST

Thesis: Nature and Nurture

Thesis: Nature and Nurture Thesis Studio Spring 2020 Detroit In recent years, the connection between mental health and the built environment has been increasingly acknowledged. It has been proven that the built environment can promote or hinder mental health. While there are several different theorized approaches in place for negotiating this relationship, the goal of… Continue reading Thesis: Nature and Nurture

Rome Sketches

Rome Sketches Drawing Fall 2018 Rome A compilation of sketches from my study abroad in Rome.

Museum of the Tiber

Museum of the Tiber 4th Year Studio Fall 2018 Rome This museum of the Tiber is sited at the location of il Porto di Ripetta, a historically important Roman port that connected the city to the river.  This museum is designed to re-invigorate this connection to the river by bridging the Lungotevere and allowing access… Continue reading Museum of the Tiber


Vessels Computational Design Fall 2019 This excerise focused on the generative method of computational design. I was inspired by an organic-looking vase with wrapping tendrils, and generated several iterations of a vessel at varying complexities to create this form.

‘Cancer Alley’ Petrochemical Analysis

'Cancer Alley' Petrochemical Analysis Research Studio Fall 2019 Louisiana For an initial stage for the ‘Future of Ports’ research studio, our studio researched the affect of the petrochemical industry on the landscape of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, as well as its influence on the shipping industry.


Farmacia Public Interest Design Fellowship Summer 2019 New Orleans This design-build project culminated in a gathering space for a community garden in the 7th Ward of New Orleans. Designed to mimic the typical shotgun house spatial arrangement and silhouette, the rope and timber cladding on the steel 4x4 structure densifies to create a more intimate… Continue reading Farmacia

The Sustainable Home

The Sustainable Home Professional Concerns (BIM Seminar) Spring 2019 New Orleans The goal of this project was to create a 3-bedroom home that was affordable and sustainable, as well as respond to existing housing typologies. Partners Jacob Smiley, Carson Piontek, and I chose to site the project in the fishing village of the Irish Bayou… Continue reading The Sustainable Home

The Canopy

The Canopy Computational Design Fall 2019 This project used the rationalization method of computational design.  I used grasshopper to rationalize a canopy structure out of a form derived from simple geometry, namely an ellipsoid intersecting a torus.