Public Interest Design Fellowship

Summer 2019

New Orleans

This design-build project culminated in a gathering space for a community garden in the 7th Ward of New Orleans. Designed to mimic the typical shotgun house spatial arrangement and silhouette, the rope and timber cladding on the steel 4×4 structure densifies to create a more intimate environment as one moves deeper into the space. The facade design is a nod to the project’s location in ‘The Cut,’ an area of the 7th ward with a peculiar make-up of streets.

My roles on the project included managing tasks in the shop, as well as designing some of the smaller connection details.

Part of the Public Interest Design Fellowship at the Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design. Other Contributing Fellows Include Hannah Bannister, Griffin Daly, Taylor Scott, Chewys Parra-Paulino, and Maddison Wells.